I haven’t drawn in 10 years

When I was younger, I used to love drawing. I drew whenever I could and it made me really happy. However, I had a couple of art teachers who destroyed my self confidence and I soon stopped doing anything artsy.

So for a long time I never drew or painted or even sang for fear of being laughed at. Since being in a relationship with a very talented artsy girl I’ve been very tempted to get back into the things I used to enjoy as a child.

Yet fear has always held me back. Until today. I decided to start off simple. Drawing basic pictures of pokemon like I used to.

Although the drawings aren’t very good, I have enjoyed the process and feel calmer and happier than I have in a long time.

Moral of the story, repressing parts of yourself is a terrible idea and makes you feel awful!

Anyway here are the drawings I did today:

Thanks for reading and please don’t laugh at my attempts at art.

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