Helping other people makes you happy!

Recently I’ve been feeling a sense of emptiness. A lack of direction. I tried for months to figure out what was wrong with me and how to fix it.

I think I’ve finally found out the problem and the solution.

I’ve been focusing too much on myself and ignoring the needs of others. I believe what gives life meaning is people helping each other. The feeling of satisfaction and community you get when you’re kind to someone or when someone is really kind to you is one that you can’t get anywhere else.

So I’ve decided to be less selfish and more friendly. To give more than I take.

I’m going to donate more to charity, volunteer as often as I can and generally be nicer and more helpful to everyone.

Watching someone become happier and happier the kinder she became inspired me to do the same. It may be a selfish motivation but I still feel it’s the right choice.

I’d like to encourage everyone to try this if you’re not already. Although I expect I’m late to the game, at least I’m trying to catch up.

Thanks for reading this and if you got to the end congratulations! There is no reward unfortunately apart from knowing you’ve made me happy.

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