This is the situation, now make the best of it

Yesterday I found myself annoyed because something didn’t go how I wanted it to. It was only a little thing but it left me feeling really arsey (for lack of a better word).

I really felt like taking it out on the person who had accidently ruined my plans and I wanted to bitch (again for lack of a better word) to people about it. Then, as I was walking along in a huff, I questioned why was I making a huge deal out of this.

Sometimes when things don’t go as I want them to I feel angry or really disappointed. And quite often I find myself wishing for something I don’t have, or for a different situation.

When this happens I like to remind myself that happiness doesn’t depend upon your situation. A lot of people out there are a lot worse off than me in all aspects of their lives and they’re happier.

So I’m making an effort to remind myself to make the most of whatever situation I’m in because a lot of times there’s nothing I can do to improve it. Also who wants to be angry, annoyed and miserable about silly little things.

Thank you for reading you beautiful people! Have a lovely weekend..

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