Feeling down… there is hope!

Like everyone I have days where I just feel really bummed out and nothing I do can change this. Sometimes it lasts for ages and is really frequent. Sometimes it’s rarer and doesn’t last as long.

I’ve had a really lovely holiday so far, but today I’m miserable and just want to spend the day alone in bed.

My point (if I have a point) is that this feeling is perfectly natural and healthy. In fact I believe that everyone needs to feel this way sometimes.

I’ve been through periods of my life where I’ve been depressed the majority of the time for years at a time. But if you make an effort to improve this (just a little at a time) then it does get better. In fact, despite feeling like this today, I know I’m in the best point of my life so far.

Now this is the important bit. NEVER let yourself believe that there is no end to this because there is.

If you want to know what I recommend it’s this:

Don’t try to fix it all at once. And don’t get disheartened when you feel like you’re not getting any better. Just keep trying to do the little things that you’re convinced that you can’t do.

Go do something mildly productive that you really don’t want to do. And then allow yourself to feel proud of the victory. Keep trying to improve yourself in little ways. It won’t magically fix your depression but gradually you’ll start feeling a little better just because you’re trying.

I honestly believe that the journey towards feeling better is the actual thing that makes you feel better. The progress, the setbacks, overcoming the little challenges. It’s what pulled me out of that dark hole. I didn’t see it at the time but looking back it’s obvious.

So keep going.

Here’s a terrible motivational picture:

It’s cute though right?

You might not trust me or my advice but if you feel like talking drop me a message and I’ll be happy to listen.

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