Giving up alcohol… but not for the reason you think

So I’m on holiday with my family in a lovely place. It’s sunny, there’s a hot tub and we’re eating out or having a bbq every single day. Yet I’m not drinking at all (alcohol of course).

The way I see it, there are 3 main reasons people have for giving up (or never drinking) alcohol. These are: health reasons, religious reasons or they have an addiction.

My reason for giving up alcohol (At least for now) is slightly different. I want to become less reliant on it for enjoyment of certain situations. Sitting in the hot tub at night time, I automatically want to get a beer to help me relax. Or on a night out with friends I struggle to not get bored if everyone else is drinking but I’m not.

I think most people are more reliant on alcohol than they realise. In giving it up, I want to open up a new avenue for self development. There are 2 additional reasons I have chosen to do this. 1. I lose some self control when I drink alcohol. Sometimes this can be fun and leads to me being a more exciting person. Sometimes this leads to me acting like a bit of an idiot and unfortunately when I used to drink a lot more (uni days), it sometimes lead to me becoming angry. 2. It is a test of my self discipline to give up doing something that feels like a habit for me. It will be really difficult when the NFL starts up again. I always love to have a few drinks when watching Packers games. There are many situations that I automatically want to have a beer and it’s a habit that will be difficult to shake.

So these are the reasons I’m giving up alcohol. Some of you may think I’m an idiot for this. If so tell me in the comments! What do you think? Would you give up alcohol for this reason or is it just not worth it?

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